Welcome to a world of wonderful and delicious home cooked food prepared& presented right on the world famous Palolem beach at Ferns by Kates, Goan Food Restaurant. A fern by Kate’s restaurant is located on the south side of main Palolem beach just below their twin wooden beach cottages bang on Ourem road of Palolem beach.

Ferns by Kates Goan Food Restaurant is a full wooden restaurant that cannot be missed while walking around Palolem streets. The one storey wooden structure restaurant is becoming an iconic landmark, a soothing sight for the eyes of the weary and hungry traveller. Hungry so one can eat in Ferns by Kates Restaurant and then rest in the wooden beach cottages exactly above the restaurant.


With your feet touching the silvery white sands, you can indulge your taste buds in a variety of sea foods prepared under the watchful supervision of Catty’s Cooking expertise.

Jack and Catty being locals and Goans, they specialize in a wide variety of fresh sea food. Ferns by Kates is famous all over Palolem and Canacona for their Sea food and Goan Dishes.The freshest seafood caught in the Arabian Sea is cooked and served fresh in this beach side restaurant.

Ferns by Kate’s is a Multi – Cuisine Restaurant serving Goan, Tandoori, Continental, Seafood and Indian dishes. Their specialty is Seafood. But they are famous for Goan food. Ferns by Kate’s Restaurant is a family run business so you can expect warm and friendly hospitality. Popular seafood dishes are provided with options of fried or grilled, like Kingfish, Shark fish, Tuna fish, Calamari, King prawns, Crabs,Tiger prawns, Mussels, Pomfret and last but not the least the famous Goan lobsters.

Jacks wooden restaurant at Palolem has a total out of this world charm and rustic ambience. The only thing not in wood in this restaurant is the granite flooring to give you a nice clean and fresh feeling to your tired feet. The warm and welcoming wood ambience of Ferns by Kates surely stirs up an appetite.

Besides the good food, Jack and Catty always keep the ambience and getup within the restaurant very down to the earth and simple. They believe that the uninterrupted view of the majestic Arabian Sea, the cool breeze and the wonderful Palolem sunsets are the greatest attractions to be watched while sipping down a cool malt beer.


  It's time to head to the Palolem beach.
The wind blows through your hair.
The warm sun bathes your skin.
Soft golden sand caresses your feet.